Saturday, 24 December 2016

Stroj Szlachecki - Kontusz damski

The Polish Nobility - Women's dress

This Lady doll in Nobility costume, 16th century
Szlachta (Nobility) was a higher social class, derived from the state of knight in feudal society.  Aristocracy had a team of social benefits, the most basic was the privilege of owning land. Belonging to the nobility it was combined with the obligation of military service.

Side view, note the long sleeves draped back. This doll about 14 inches.

Nobility as a social stratum existed in monarchies and republics of Europe and some non-European countries, the early twentieth century. Today nobility as a social group with specific, legally recognized privileges exist in countries with a monarchical system, although the significance of these privileges is normally limited to the use titles and honorary perform functions, and economic importance of the nobility is not as much as before.

16th Century dress of Polish Nobility, various classes and status.

Today these costumes are reconstructed and recreated mainly for film or Polish folk groups performing dances such as Polonaise and Mazurkas. Reminders of our beautiful heritage past.