Friday, 24 January 2014

Sieradzki couple

Married Sieradzki couple
    This is special order from Warsaw, made by Mr. and Mrs Kaliszewski. A married couple in wool fabric (winter) attire. Lady has a long sleeve jacket, woollen skirt, apron and shawl with fringes, white embroidered tulle bonnet. Headscarves were were also worn. These dolls are carefully made to represent this costume.
   Sieradz costume is a part of the Mazowsze (Mazovia) area, centre Poland, very close to Wielkopolska (Great Poland) province. Sieradz folk costume had also certain local varieties.
   These dolls are 10 inches. Great attention to detail of Sieradz folk costume!
Detail of white work embroidery on tulle bonnet
   More inventive women used to sew some parts of the dress or manufactured themselves parts they needed. Nevertheless, most parts of the traditional folk costumes were made by professional tailors. Good service to Sieradz people was also given by such handicraftsmen as weavers, furriers, tanners, shoemakers and saddlers.
From Left: Bridesmaid in summer attire, Bride, Married couple in woollen stripped.
   Aprons, head kerchiefs, skirts and jerkins are still being adorned in the Sieradz district. The male festive costume was sewn mainly from woollen homespun, only sometimes from ready-made fabrics. It consisted of a black or grey four-cornered cap, a linen shirt with gussets, wool stripped trousers, a vest, a jacket of woollen fabric with tiny stripes, most often in deep blue, navy blue.
    The two dolls on the left I have written earlier on the Sieradz costume from 6/6/12.
   Various examples of the Sieradz costume, in wool, cotton and linen. Some ready-made fabrics purchased as well. Bottom photo shows the attire of the bride (sitting), special hat with ribbons.