Tuesday, 19 March 2013

Happy Easter postcards

Happy Easter!
Wesołych Świąt Wielkanocnych!

I haven't found or received any old or new dolls lately so I am putting up some old postcards with dolls for the upcoming Easter Holiday celebration.
Kurpie-Zielone (Green Kurpie) couple with pisanki, painted eggs.
Łowicz wooden dolls with Easter palm.
These two postcards are from the years 1970-1979 (Edward Gierek era, Polish Peoples Republic.
In those years Communist censors approved holiday cards without religious content. Most were photos of various household items, painted eggs, chicks, cakes, flowers etc. I found these online last year.
Krakowiak guy holding painted Easter egg, WWII.
Very rare card! No inscription, issued by H and B. Christmas and Easter cards issued by General Government formed by the Germans in the occupied Polish territories in the years 1939-1944. These postcards were rarely used by the Poles. In the days of Nazi terror, they avoided the term of 'Happy Holidays' because life was sad and gloomy. They were not up to celebrating it, but remembered and quietly marked the occasion.