Saturday, 5 January 2013

All my Lowicz dolls

All my Łowicz dolls
   This post is on all the Łowicz (Wo-vich) dolls I have collected in the past 30 years. I want to show the different manufactures and makers (with labels), some popular, some lesser known and unknown. Let's start with the dolls by A. & J. Kaliszewski, which I posted last December.
   The Lowicz bridal outfit was not much different than her other decorated dresses. Key difference was, it had to be newly made before the wedding, with as much embroidery and haberdashery as possible and a wedding hat, topped with artificial flowers, lots of ribbons and such. 
Example of bridal hat, photo from Łowicz region.
  This was highly popular from the turn of the century up to WWII. White velvet bodice has later replaced black, to make look more of a bridal wear. After the second war, some villages who kept this tradition, wore the Lowicz dress but replaced the flowered hat with a white tulle veil, just to be on the modern side.
Bottom of label says: Product dolls regional, Andrzej Kaliszewski, Warsaw. 
Lowicz couple newly-wed. Hand-made in Poland. 2012
   Another couple by Kaliszewski's. The woman has a black velvet jacket with bead work, which I actually made for her. The man's white shirt and collar were so yellowed and dirty, I replaced it also. No label but written: From Poland 1972? 
   Another Lowicz doll. This one I was told, was made by Mrs. Kaliszewski's mother. Look at the round stand and label, that was the difference. Her mother made it for a company called: "Co-operative Association of Producers of Handmade Folk & Art Articles", Warsaw. Made in Poland. Dated 1980. Original tag. 9 1/2 inches.

Top: Another bride doll. Fashion from the 50's and 60's. This doll was made in 1971.
Both of these dolls are made by: "The Warsaw Invalids Co-operative".
   Label: "The Warsaw Invalids Co-operative", 1985. I rarely come across these dolls and I believe they were made in the 70's and 80's. No other information on this Co-operative I could find anywhere. They are very well made and are 10 inches each.

   A very nice made Lowicz doll. No label or tag. Got her on e-bay 6 years ago. Nothing on bottom of stand. The maker of this doll is a mystery. I have another one in Opoczno costume, no ID either. Stains and yellowing on sleeves makes her dated, from 70's or 80's ?  Does anybody know???

    This Lowiczan was actually a Cracovian guy transformed. I had a Lowicz table runner that I cut up to use for pants and sash, to keep it in wool stripes. I made this almost 20 years ago as I wanted a Lowicz guy to go with the girls. Hard to find guy folk dolls as they usually come in pairs, but not individual. Doll type is made by The Stanislaw Wyspianski Co-operative.

   Another beauty. She is 10 inches, was a gift from someone in Poland. Sticker on bottom stand says made by: Regional Product Dolls, by Janina Szot, from Kielce city. Address and telephone number. They also come in couples. I know nothing else about this maker, no date.

    Another mystery. Most unusual and lovely couple here, about 8 1/2 inches, comical faces. I found them on e-bay about 5 years ago, and have seen a few more also. Who makes them, where are they from, what city or town ? Blouse and shirt are yellowed and dirty, need replacing, but she has painted embroidery, which I have to remake.
    No label or tag, just a stamp on bottom of stand says "Lowicz dolls" and price. Lots of written numbers and letters, last line - date ? 20-6/69-71. I have no clue what this means. Judging by yellowed cotton sleeves, maybe made in 70's or so. I have no other dolls by this maker, so maybe made in Lowicz town or Warsaw for tourists ? Just my guess, if anyone knows about this maker, contact me!