Tuesday, 25 December 2012

Old Christmas postcard

Merry Christmas
Wesołych Świąt

   Old holiday post card from the Polish Peoples Republic (PRL).
   In the years 1970-1979 (Edward Gierek era) Communist censors approved the official greeting cards without religious content. Most were photos of various compositions of dolls, clocks, cakes, glass, Easter eggs and chicks, Christmas tree and ornaments etc.
   This one has a Christmas tree and Cracovian doll. It had no "Merry Christmas" or other writing on it, but some did have "Wesołych Świąt" meaning 'Happy Holidays'. A person would write it at the back if they wished. 

Friday, 21 December 2012

Lowicz wedding, Bamberek, Biskupianski, Warminski

Handmade dolls by Mr. & Mrs. Kaliszewski
Łowicz (Wo-vitch) wedding couple,  Mazowsze region.
  This post is all about the wonderful handmade regional and historical dolls by Andrzej and Jadwiga Kaliszewski of Warsaw. They are a husband and wife team who are self employed and make these dolls for souvenir stores in Warsaw and also for sale abroad. I have written to them over a year ago for  specific regional costumed dolls which I have added to my collection. They make the most beautiful folk dolls independently at their home and have so for years.
Bamberek Poznanski couple from the city of Poznan.
  When Jadwiga was younger, her mother started making these dolls at their home in the mid 60's. Jadwiga got interested and helped along with her for a while. She went on to finish higher education, get married and worked in her profession. Later when her children were little, she decided to stay at home for a few years and started again to make dolls to supplement the family income. This was to be for a few years and would later return to work in her career, but she never did. When her husband Andrzej retired from his job, he started helping her and they work together.
Biskupianski (Dzierzecki) from Krobia,  Wielkopolski region.
   Mr. and Mrs Kaliszewski have made many dolls over the years and have sold them across Poland in Cepelia stores, stores abroad, as well as fulfilled special orders. They have a website in both English and Polish where one can look and order online. Also, they are sold in Cepelia and souvenir stores in Warsaw. www.lalki.civ.pl
Married woman from Warmia/Mazury region, North east Poland.
  In next few months I will be getting more of lesser known Polish folk costumes.